We love Instagram. We absolutely do. But while SoGlos’s Facebook and Twitter followers have long been into the tens of thousands, organically growing our Instagram reach has presented a particularly interesting challenge for the team this year.

While it was tempting to only post pics of chocolate box Cotswold cottages, smashed avocado on sourdough toast or grumpy cats as failsafe ways to build-up our followers in record time, that just wouldn’t have represented SoGlos – and all of the aspects of enjoying Gloucestershire which we celebrate.

Sharing a diverse spectrum of Gloucestershire highlights on our grid – from pictorial breaking news, delicious foodie shots, stunning local landmarks and some behind-the-scenes insights might mean we’ve reached the 10k milestone a little slower, but we’ve done it our way!

See SoGlos’s grid and join in the fun at instagram.com/soglos and you might spot the occasional pretty cottage and carefully sliced Hass. But no grumpy cats, yet…