We’re fanatical about providing readers and advertisers with a user experience they won’t find anywhere else in the UK, let along Gloucestershire, and work closely with our developers to continually improve our two titles – making super-duper technical improvements every single month.

And we’re excited to have just unveiled a series of improved UX functionality which is now available on SoGlos, with three of the most noteworthy innovations including:

1. Super useful megamenu navigation (pictured)
Our carefully researched directory of almost 3,000 Gloucestershire venues – from restaurants, pubs and hotels to galleries, attractions and clay shooting schools – is just one of the many features readers have access to on SoGlos, and we’ve just made quickly finding local choices even easier. Our navigation system now sports a snazzy new megamenu to quickly show types of venue by section, alongside quick links to types of related articles by our journalists, followed by a mini feed of the latest and greatest content.

SoGlos user experience given a spring 2015 spruce up 1

2. Improved venue and event finder functionality
Always available at the touch of a button, readers can now get a custom filtered list of venues or events in Gloucestershire within just two clicks. Whether you’re looking for attractions in the Cotswolds or sport and outdoor events in Cheltenham, it’s a doddle.
3. Supersized images on enhanced venue listings
They say pictures speak a thousand words, and our advertisers are all well worth talking about, with all enhanced venue listings now benefiting from supersized images to showcase them like never before. Check out luxury Cheltenham hotel, The Greenway, as a fitting example: soglos.com/hotels/luxury-hotel/27132/The-Greenway-Hotel

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