The phones in the office have been ringing off the hook and our inboxes are groaning under the weight of all the emails making their way to the team – and we aren’t just talking about the ones that promise enlargement of certain parts of the anatomy.

But you won’t hear a peep of complaint from this bunch of attention seekers, as we are positively reveling in the amount of interest’s official launch has created this week.

While our heads are in danger of growing to twice their normal sizes, has made more headlines this week, with the journalism website Hold the Front Page joining the list of titles who have written about our official launch.

From the World Wide Web to Gloucestershire airwaves, Deputy Editor James Fryer will also be making his radio debut tomorrow, as he talks about’s launch with Star 107.5 FM’s news reporter Nellie Bird. Find out how his interview shaped-up by listening to the Star People slot live, tomorrow at 11.20am and 1.20pm.

Well, that’s quite enough showing-off for one day we think!

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