SoGlos harnesses MailChimp API to develop email newsletter

SoGlos harnesses MailChimp API to develop email newsletterWhen we launched SoGlos’s weekly email newsletter almost six years ago, little did we know that 281 issues later it would be such an important addition for the Gloucestershire community – today being the county’s longest running and most popular resource of its kind.

We’re proud to have never missed a single issue, and every week the team work hard to pick the very best events taking place in the county, as well as showcasing the latest reviews, news and guides written by our journalists.

And while we’ve used MailChimp, arguably the world’s greatest email marketing service provider, for several years now, we’re delighted to announce that SoGlos’s custom-built content management system now works in perfect harmony with MailChimp – via its Application Programming Interface.

SoGlos’s developer Simon has been hard at work on the behind-the-scenes project, which now means the team can ditch html formatting and publish newsletters with no technical tinkering – further strengthening SoGlos’s position as the definitive model for arts and entertainment coverage in the UK.

It also frees up the team’s time to bring readers even more exclusive content – and deliver advertisers even better value. Hurray!