Gloucestershire tourism is back in business

‘Gloucestershire is back in business’ is the message that will be promoted by a national marketing campaign launched later this month, thanks to a £50,000 grant from the South West of England Regional Development Agency (RDA).

While images of flooding and stories of water shortages have put some people off visiting Gloucestershire, the campaign will aim to inform potential visitors that many of the county’s tourist attractions are ready to welcome them back – through the inclusion of more than a million promotional inserts in the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday newspapers, among other marketing initiatives.

Richard Thomas, the RDA’s director of marketing, said: ‘Whilst a small number of businesses have suffered substantially and will not be open for quite a long time, the vast majority of the county is now open for business and this is a message we will convey far and wide.’

The support for Gloucestershire’s tourism industry at this key time in the season, is a move welcomes with open arms.