Gloucester cheese rolling at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

This year’s annual cheese rolling in Gloucester seems like such a long time ago, but hasn’t been able to escape from the attention its now world-famous video of the event generated – having been watched by more than two million people on websites around the world.

But even more unsuspecting viewers will no doubt become mesmorised by the action this weekend, as comedian Arthur Smith uses’s video as part of his exhibition at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The long-standing stand-up is apparently making a move into the arts and is revealing his first exhibition – a major respective of paintings, embroideries and movements – as well as a miniature Cooper’s hill with mini Babybell cheeses!

Arthur told why he was so fascinated by the video: ‘Cheese rolling is an insane competition. And so is the Edinburgh Festival. I’m overjoyed the two have been joined in marriage,’ he said.

We’re overjoyed that Gloucestershire is being represented at this year’s cultural fest – check out the exhibition at the Bridget Christie room for yourself this weekend, if you’re in bonnie Scotland.

Oh, and if you still haven’t seen what all the fuss is about…