Hurrah, the water is back on

Gloucestershire breathed a collective sigh of relief yesterday as a majority of homes and business across the county had running water for the first time in a week.

While we are still brushing our teeth with Evian and are ignoring the mounting piles of washing-up, the office is a far less smelly place to be now – with a freshly showered team extolling the virtues of washing machines to an almost scary level.

With the excuses for taking it easy washed down the plug hole, we are all beavering away to bring our readers even more exclusive news about Gloucestershire’s biggest and best events. While the last few weeks have seen some of the summer’s highlights cancelled or postponed, there is plenty to look forward in the Gloucestershire, now the freak weather is (hopefully) behind us. 

Looking respectable for the first time in days, a few of the team are heading off to the Cotswolds this afternoon, so expect to read about a selection of the area’s excellent restaurants, shops and hotels on soon.