‘Unprecedented’ flooding in Gloucestershire

With hours without electricity, the SoGlos.com team dabbled with the idea of playing charades or actually talking to one another rather than emailing across the office, but instead decided to use the time wisely and have now devised full-scale architectural plans for an ark like no other. Okay we didn’t.

We also didn’t panic buy bottles of water from some of the more, ahem, entrepreneurial residents flogging them to the highest bidder and instead thanked our lucky stars that the kettle was full enough for a cup of instant coffee – which we don’t expect to last 14 minutes, let alone the 14 days some reports have suggested the tap water may be switched off for.


Like a majority of residents we turned on the ‘wireless’ – as many a grandparent would call it – and heard the shocking news reports of the hundreds of thousands of residents whose homes and businesses have been devastated across the county. And now the electricity is back on we have all been watching the footage being beamed across the world of our rather sopping wet corner of the globe, while swarms of helicopters hovered overhead.

The meteorological boffins at the BBC think cool air in Peru may be to blame. That’s reassuring. What isn’t, however, is that the Environment Agency have announced that although the situation is worse than the infamous 1947 floods, there is more still more water to come, with flood levels not peaking in many parts of Gloucestershire until tomorrow night.

Some of our readers have been sharing their stories on the SoGlos.com Forums where you can join in the discussions. And feel free to send us your pictures, which we will publish here – assuming that the power lasts, that is.